Driving Tips – This auto tips can not only save your money but your life

The US driving test is tailored in a manner to test a driver’s skill and also if he/she is complying with the safety standards set by the US Government. US roads are well known killers and have injured plenty by now. These traffic accidents can be easily controlled and in fact avoided if some advanced [...]

How Traffic Tickets Affect Insurance Coverage

Although you may be a safe and responsible driver, accidents do happen that can negatively affect your insurance coverage.  Depending on the traffic violation and state laws, the consequences are often felt in higher premiums or even potentially cancelling your insurance coverage altogether. While non-moving violations such as a parking ticket usually don’t affect coverage, [...]

Ways Senior Citizens Can Save on Car Insurance

Despite the myth that car insurance is more expensive for older drivers between the ages of 50 and 70 years old, however, there are many ways in which senior citizens can take advantage of discounts that may be applied to lower insurance policy premiums.   Depending on state laws, terms of how individual insurance providers calculate [...]

Finance your auto rather than paying in cash

As recession has hit the global market, people have got their earning slashed down. Hence, in such a situation it becomes really difficult for you to buy a car with cash and have to take out an auto loan to purchase it. However, since car is a depreciating asset, many car buyers avoid financing vehicles [...]