Safe driving tips – These tips will improve your driving

Morning drives during working days are normally slow and tiring ones. Traffic at peak hours can easily convert a ten minute hassle free ride into an hour long tedious crawling. It’s granted that in the mornings, traffic load does increases yet the thing that mongers panic is bad driving maneuvers which make traffic management a [...]

Vital aspects of Car insurance coverage that you need

Car insurance coverage typically comes with quite a few options. At a minimum you need to have the following in our opinion. Liability coverage In the event of a car accident, if you are at fault, liability insurance will pay for fixing any damages to property and also bills. This may include car damages and [...]

Insurance Basics – What’s a Car Insurance ID Card?

Many drivers don’t realize the importance of a car insurance identification card until the misfortune event of being involved in an accident, especially in fender benders in which they are at fault.  It’s also possible when being pulled over during a traffic stop to show proof of vehicle registration and car insurance coverage.  Also, it’s [...]

How Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance Coverage

Although you may be a safe and responsible driver, accidents do happen that can negatively affect your Car Insurance Coverage.   Depending on the traffic violation and state laws, the consequences are often felt in higher premiums or even potentially cancelling your car insurance coverage altogether.  While non-moving violations such as a parking ticket usually don’t [...]

The 7 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

The 7 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage If you have ever been in an auto accident, then chances are you have a greater appreciation of your auto insurance and provider. Yes, auto insurance can be expensive, but so is the alternative. However, as the cost of living continues to rise, perhaps you are considering lowering [...]

6 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance Quotes

Everywhere one goes; it seems people are talking about ways to save money. From couponing to bundling of services, many consumers are doing whatever they can to stretch their paycheck as far as possible. However, one easy way is by changing your Car Insurance provider. You have likely heard much about this option. From radio [...]

No-Fault Auto Insurance: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Horns blaring, tires skidding, brakes screeching, followed by a thud and crash…no, there is nothing quite like being in an auto accident-except, perhaps, dealing with the auto insurance providers in the aftermath.  This may be because determining which driver is responsible, how much financial reimbursement is due from auto insurance providers and expectations of the [...]