What will car insurance coverage be after accident?

Most insurance buyers always ask their insurance sales agents what their auto policies covers in case of accident. An auto coverage policy can include multiple aspects of the accidents. The term ‘coverage’ has a special meaning in the world of insurance and should be properly understood by the layman before buying an insurance plan. The [...]

Liability-Only: Ask Your Insurance Company If It’s Right for You

For those of us that depend on the privilege of driving for transportation, purchasing a liability policy from your insurance company is a must. Actually, it’s a legal requirement in order to operate a motor vehicle in the most of the 50 states. While you may be able to afford more comprehensive coverage from your [...]

Understanding High Risk Car Insurance and SR-22

If you don’t have a perfect driving record, then you’re probably already familiar with high risk car insurance.  Also commonly referred to as non-standard coverage, high risk auto insurance covers drivers with a potential higher risk of filing an above-average amount of accident claims. High risk drivers can also expect to pay higher vehicle insurance [...]

Debunking Auto Insurance Coverage Myths

3 Biggest Car Insurance Myths With the seemingly infinite number of competing insurance coverage providers vying to win over new customers while retaining loyal policyholders, there’s a lot of confusion between fact and fiction. Although word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, dissatisfied or confused customers may share unreliable information to family, friends, or [...]

Get acquainted with the California auto laws to lower your risk

Being a resident of California if you own a car, then according to the California auto insurance laws you’re required to carry a suitable auto insurance policy. When you’ll shop for a suitable policy you must search online to look for affordable auto insurance quotes. If your driving records are not that impressive, then you [...]

How Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance Coverage

Although you may be a safe and responsible driver, accidents do happen that can negatively affect your Car Insurance Coverage.   Depending on the traffic violation and state laws, the consequences are often felt in higher premiums or even potentially cancelling your car insurance coverage altogether.  While non-moving violations such as a parking ticket usually don’t [...]

The 7 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

The 7 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage If you have ever been in an auto accident, then chances are you have a greater appreciation of your auto insurance and provider. Yes, auto insurance can be expensive, but so is the alternative. However, as the cost of living continues to rise, perhaps you are considering lowering [...]